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Signing up and Cost

PhD students/doctoral students, postdoctoral students, scholars as well as senior staff members from all fields of study are encouraged to apply for a spot on the course. In 2023 the course holds a maximum of 36 participants. Should more than 36 apply the organizers of the course will select those deemed most qualified based on a number of factors, among those relevance of research topic. Participants in previous iterations of the SINS course are encouraged to apply again. 

Please find the link to the sign-up here: https://phdcourses.dk/Course/98658

Filling out the form includes uploading one pdf file that contains 1) a motivation letter (max 200 words), 2) an overview of current research and interests (max 200 words), and 3) information about your educational background.   

The participation fee is €350 and includes single room accommodation and all meals served.