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In 2023, The Summer Course in Narrative Studies (SINS) is five days intensive program that brings together PhD-students, doctoral students, faculty members and leading scholars in a multi-disciplinary discussion of existing and emerging concepts and approaches in the broad field of narrative study.

Through a combination of keynote lectures, participant papers, workshops and master classes the summer institute covers the state of the art of current approaches as well as provides the participants with outstanding possibilities of getting feedback on their own work.

The course welcomes scholars working with any and all type of narrative form or function, be that verbal or non-verbal, fictive or non-fictive, spontaneous or artificial, and invites leading key researchers from fields such as postclassical narratology, narrative inquiry, rhetorical narrative theory, storytelling, cognitive narrative theory and transmedial approaches.

The Summer Course in Narrative Studies is hosted by Aarhus University. In 2023 it takes place at the Sandbjerg Estate in Southern Denmark. 

From evaluations of former SINS:

"I particularly enjoyed the mix of learning environments and the mix of theoretical and practical approaches" (2021)

"I have found the course extremely engaging" (2021)

"This experience definitely helped me gain a better idea of how I should structure my own research and which problems I should foreground." (2021)


“brilliantly run with a very helpful mix of learning environments” (2019) 

"Excellent course and wonderful experience" (2018)

"An amazing exchange of ideas" (2018)

"Broadening my horizon in every possible direction" (2018)

"Great keynotes, cutting-edge research and good discussions" (2017)

"I have found SINS to be even more productive for my own research than I had hoped" (2017)

“a most rewarding summer school personally and professionally” (2016)

“this course is fantastic” (2016)

"a superbly organized course that put me in contact with highly qualified people and projects and that leaves me hungry for more” (2015)

“participating in this course has been a very valuable experience for me” (2015)

“Very rich in content […] good variety of academic backgrounds” (2015)

“A high-quality, engaging, pleasantly informal course set in a dreamy location and full of interesting people. Best week in the last year” (2015)

“a wonderful academic and social experience” (SINS14)

“unique possibility of direct interaction with key researchers in the field” (SINS14)

“I am very satisfied – hope to come again next year” (SINS14

“Extremely well organized. Content was very strong. This course strikes me as a significant contribution to the community” (SINS 2013)

“Truly excellent and has made a SIGNIFICANT contribution to my doctoral work. I am very grateful” (SINS 2013)