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Signing up and Cost

PhD students/doctoral students, postdoctoral students, scholars as well as senior staff members from all fields of study are encouraged to apply for a spot on the course. In 2019 the course holds a maximum of 36 participants. Should more than 36 apply the organizers of the course will select those deemed most qualified based on a number of factors, among those relevance of research topic. Participants in previous iterations of the SINS course are encouraged to apply again. 

Deadline for application is April 25, 2019. 

Please note that in order to apply you have to fill out the form available here: Link to signup form

Filling out the form includes uploading a motivation letter (max 200 words), an overview of current research and interests (max 200 words) and providing information about your educational background. PDF and word file format is accepted.  

The participation fee is €350. This includes accommodation, all meals served and housing in single rooms. Participants must cover travel expenses.